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Semi truck repair shop

"fast, reliable repairs!"


Semi Engine Overhauls

All Major Semi Repairs

Service Truck

Don't wait for a breakdown! 

We’ve got you covered with semi engine overhauls, all major repairs for semis and buses, preventive maintenance and DOT inspections for all commercial vehicles. 

"Broke down last week, had to sit 3 days at Semi dealership for them to say they can not fix the issue. Decided to go to Salco Truck and Trailer Repair,  they were awesome,  they had  the truck up and running in no time. Glad they helped and recommend them to everyone."

Pablos, Driver

"Fast and reasonable."

- Bob, Owner/Operator

"Had a driver break down, Levi kept really good communication with me. Truck was in and out. Load was kept safe. Will recommend to my other carriers to use, if in the area."

- Jaquee, Dispatcher

Peterbilt semi logo
Salco works on Detroit engines.
Salco works on all types of semis inclduing Kenworths.
Salco repairs cat semi engines.
Salco Trucks and Trailer can complete any major semi repair.
Salco specializes in engine overhauls and engine replacements.
Don't wait for a breakdown! 
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